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Types of Padel Courts

The largest factory for all types of padel courts

Padel Courts Deluxe, 20 years in the construction of sports facilities

With more than 20 years of experience and excellent services in the most advanced types of padel courts on the market, we are justifiably proud to be one of the leading companies in the sector, not only in Spain, but also throughout the world.

We export to 35 countries on 4 continents with our quality products and excellent services. We are present all over the world, from the United States to the United Arab Emirates, from the United Kingdom to Sweden, and we are constantly working to increase the number of countries to which we export, thus demonstrating our competence in our field.

Super Panoramic Padel Courts

carbon isometrica (Small).png

PCDLX Carbon

The first paddle tennis court on the market with carbon fiber

TECHNIC isometrica (Small).png

PCDLX Technic

Designed and developed especially for events and exhibitions

ocean isometrica (Small).png


Exclusive Super-Panoramic paddle tennis court

Panoramic Padel Courts

vision steel isometric (Small).png

PCDLX Vision Steel

The only panoramic track on the market with a height adjustment system

vision 100 isometric (Small).png

PCDLX Vision 100

The panoramic track designed to withstand the most adverse climates

Standard Padel Courts 

steel isometrica (Small).png


The first track on the market with a height adjustment system

classic isometrica (Small).png

PCDLX Classic 100

Designed to withstand the harshest climates

At PCDLX we invite you to come to our track factory yourself to appreciate the quality with which they are manufactured. Our courts are designed and manufactured entirely in Spain by our own factory. That is why at PCDLX we care about making the production standards, the appropriate materials and the appropriate treatments known to the market, which should not be underestimated by those who must make the purchase. Such as fully galvanized materials, treated with guaranteed paints and with design, approval and certification by the relevant bodies and covered by the manufacturer insurance, such as the RCT and product liability.

Pista de pádel medidas  Dimensiones, iluminación.png

Padel Courts Deluxe
Europe's largest factory

Padel Courts Deluxe was born with the aim of distinguishing itself for the superior quality of the products used and the continuous search for innovative solutions to offer the best on the market. The models that we present are always technologically advanced and built in accordance with the regulations of the Padel Federation.

Padel is a sport that has spread in many countries. Thanks to the strong growth that it is experiencing in our country, it can be an excellent investment for managers and owners of sports centers. 

At PCDLX we take care of everything

The price of a padel court is quite low and its small size allows it to be built practically anywhere. Suffice it to say that two to three courts can be built on the surface of one tennis court.

  • 1. What kind of materials are used for the structure of a track?
    PCDLX's proposal is to offer a product that complies with the regulations, but above all that is safe. Consequently, high-quality and certified materials are used for the construction of Spanish paddle tennis courts, since (as is also mentioned in the regulations) it is not possible to use low-quality steel to make a load-bearing structure.
  • 2. What are the dimensions?
    The dimensions of a standard track are 20 by 10 meters. With the tax it becomes 21.30 times 11.30. We also have a single track: the measurements are 20 meters by 6 - with tax it becomes 21.30 by 7.30.
  • 3. On what land can a track be built?
    They can be installed on land or inside a warehouse. However, the most suitable is the commercial or sports ground where the slab or screed will always be installed. It must be said that each municipality is different, so you always have to check the feasibility and the conditioning factors, whether they are structural, architectural or urban.
  • 4. How much does a paddle tennis court cost?
    The price of a paddle tennis court usually varies depending on the characteristics of the project, on average it is usually €15,000, the components of the certified profiles, the hot-dip galvanizing, all the glazing and the powder coating raise the costs. Obviously, you have to be careful, because being a structure on the ground, it must resist at least twenty years.
  • 5. How quickly are costs amortized?
    The costs of a paddle tennis court are clearly amortized depending on where it is located, how the structure is made up, whether there is more than one court, whether they are open-air (covered or open-air), the popularity of the club, the area of influence of the town where they settle... These are some of the variables. We can give these clarifications specifically in the venue through the business plans that we have throughout the country.
  • 6. What are the first steps from a bureaucratic point of view to build or install a paddle tennis court?
    Once the location has been chosen (either a shed or a piece of land), it is essential to contact the technical office of the municipality and request the necessary authorizations to assess its feasibility. It is also important to appoint a specialized technician to assess the feasibility of the project.
  • 7. Who should present the launch project to the municipality?
    The project must be presented by a qualified technician (whether a surveyor, architect or engineer) designated by the client. We insist that it is very important to designate a qualified technician to be in charge of the entire project from start to finish.
  • 8. Is there the possibility of renting a paddle tennis court?
    Yes, PCDLX also offers the possibility of an operational rental with amortization, which will then be adjusted to 24 or 36 months depending on the needs of the client and the number of tracks they wish to acquire.
  • 9. What guarantees does Spanish padel offer?
    In addition to the CE marking on the structures, we have a minimum durability of ten years and legal guarantees on all the components of the track. Being a metallic structure, for us at PCDLX this aspect is fundamental.
  • 10. What type of authorizations must be requested from the town hall for the construction of a paddle tennis court?
    Let's start by saying that the paddle tennis court is a metal structure on the ground and, therefore, it is a construction for all purposes. Being a construction, the paddle tennis court falls under the scope of the NTC 2018 to install a paddle tennis court, so it is necessary to carry out the design of the foundation and subsequently the dimensioning of the reinforced concrete and the verification of the structural steel elements. If this precise procedure is not followed, the installation of the paddle tennis court represents an abuse of the construction with all the risks and responsibilities that this entails for both the manufacturer and the sports center operator.

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