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Martin Di Nenno joins PCDLX family

Updated: Mar 14

It is with great excitement that PCDLX announces its partnership with one of the most prominent names in world padel: Martin Di Nenno. The signing of this partnership marks the beginning of a new era in the world of padel, where sporting excellence and passion come together to inspire players of all levels.

Martin Di Nenno: A Modern Padel Icon

From his humble beginnings to his rise to the top of the world rankings, Martin Di Nenno has captivated a global audience with his exceptional skill on the court and unwavering dedication to the sport he loves. His story of self-improvement after a tragic car accident is a testament to his determination and courage.

A Commitment to Excellence

The partnership between Padel Courts Deluxe and Martin Di Nenno represents a shared commitment to excellence, innovation and the continued growth of padel around the world. As our brand ambassador, Martin embodies the values of dedication, teamwork and passion that are fundamental to our success.

Martín Di Nenno
Martín Di Nenno

Together into the Future of Padel

We are excited to welcome Martin Di Nenno to the Padel Courts Deluxe family and look forward to working together to take padel to new heights. With his exceptional talent and indomitable spirit, we are confident that Martin will inspire players everywhere to pursue their dreams in the world of padel.

Join us as we celebrate this exciting partnership and anticipate a bright future for padel with Martin Di Nenno and Padel Courts Deluxe at the forefront.

Follow our platforms for exclusive updates and behind-the-scenes content with Martin Di Nenno and Padel Courts Deluxe!

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