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Fabricante de pistas de Padel, Padel Courts Deluxe

Padel Courts Deluxe, Padel Court Manufacturer

World leader in manufacturing and installation of padel courts

Welcome to Padel Courts Deluxe, the leading manufacturer of high-quality padel courts on the market! You are in the right place if you are looking for a unique, personalized padel court built to the best standards. Our team of professionals specialized in the construction and assembly of paddle tennis courts is ready to make all your sporting dreams come true.

Panoramic courts

panoramic courts

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panoramic padel court, padel court

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From the warm and sunny shores of Miami to the iconic alleys of Madrid and the exotic destinations of Dubai, the Padel Courts Deluxe padel courts have left their mark.

At Padel Courts Deluxe, we do not consider manufacturing padel courts simply as a task, but as a mission that embraces the opportunity to exceed expectations in every project we undertake.

Mapa de las pistas de padel instaladas por Padel Courts Deluxe


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Nuestro embajador de marca

Padel Courts deluxe está orgullosamente representada por Martin Di Nenno, un destacado jugador de pádel. A través de su dedicación y pasión por el deporte, Martin lleva nuestros valores de excelencia y calidad a todos los rincones del mundo, promoviendo no sólo nuestro compromiso con el pádel sino también el espíritu de innovación y comunidad que nos define.

Parts of our courts

Padel Courts Deluxe will guide you in the process of purchasing padel courts and complementary services. We provide advice and assistance to customers at any time.

galvanized steel.jpg

Galvanised steel

Prevents corrosion and gives durability to the material against the weather.

Lighting of the padel courts of padel courts deluxe.jpg

LED lighting

200 watt LED lighting, linear or basic.

electro welded mesh of the padel courts deluxe padel courts (2).jpg

Welded Mesh

It is located at the level of the crystals and the structure, to prevent it from intervening in the game in a negative way.

The cost of a padel court depends on the model, configuration, number of lanes and surface. If a paddle tennis court can be built on the surface of a tennis court, the costs will be lower. If we break down the total costs even further, they consist of the foundation, artificial grass, cage, glass and lighting around the paddle tennis court.

How much does a padel court cost?

Assembly and construction

Padel courts are what we do at Padel Courts Deluxe. From initial design to final installation, our highly trained team will handle the entire process. To create a padel court that meets your precise requirements and provides an exceptional playing experience, we will ensure that every detail is taken into account.

PCDLX padel courts

What are the dimensions of a padel court?

In this fast-paced world, time is the most precious commodity. Family time, friends time, self time, fun time. Paddle tennis helps you find time for family and friends. This fun and lively game enhances all aspects of life and has something to offer everyone. Paddle tennis is a way of life and makes life worthwhile. The time spent on the padel court is well spent.

Over the months we have grown both in the production and installation of sports facility and we have traveled more and more throughout Europe, even crossing the ocean to South America and the United Arab Emirates.

Our work is incessant, traveling the roads carrying countless tracks around the world, this is what we like, and the passion we feel for sport leads us to design dreams for those who are passionate about it.

Regardless of the fact that other more established sports are played in stadiums, we are sure that sooner or later paddle tennis will become one of the great shows of this century.  We design and build different types of padel courts throughout the world in accordance with the highest quality standards of the international industry.

what are the measurements of a padel court - dimensions of the padel courts.jpg
fusion of GreenSet and Padel Courts Deluxe in the world of padel courts

Padel Courts Deluxe merges with GreenSetyou

The objective of Padel Courts Deluxe with this movement is to dominate the world market for premium and professional surfaces for padel courts and tennis courts with Greenset.

Fabrica de pistas de padel, Padel Courts Construction

Visit our factory in Spain

No project is too big or too small, from multi-field sports clubs to single-field developments or private residences.

Over the years we have worked in a wide variety of places and circumstances, and we know what works and what doesn't. PCDLX offers the highest quality paddle tennis courts at reasonable prices.

We are the only 100% Spanish paddle tennis courts. We are based in Alicante and we have a team that has been working in this sector in Spain for more than ten years. We have experience in production, distribution, assembly and reproduction. 

We can produce what you need. From an ordinary pole with 10mm tempered glass to a panoramic skating rink with 12mm tempered glass. We can also paint your track in any color you like. All of our tracks are galvanized steel and powder coated.

Paddle tennis is fast becoming one of the top sports in Europe, both for the professional player and for the recreational player looking for a fun and different way to exercise in their daily lives. Paddle tennis is said to be easier and quicker to learn than any other racket sport, and is played about 3 times more often than tennis.

Paddle tennis courts are built with a solid construction and an aesthetic design that exudes quality, stability and safety.

The sport was invented in the late 1960s and quickly became a major sport in Spanish-speaking countries.

The name padel comes from the Spanish pala, which gave the sport its name because of the paddle-shaped bat. A sports facility measures 10x20 m and is surrounded by glass walls, which are part of the game.

Paddle tennis balls are similar to tennis balls, but with 10% less pressure. The scoring system is the same as in tennis, but almost exclusively doubles are played.

What type of surface do you use?

Our work is incessant, traveling the roads carrying countless surfaces around the world, this is what we like, and the passion we feel for sport leads us to design dreams for those who are passionate about it.

Regardless of the fact that other more established sports are played in stadiums, we are sure that sooner or later paddle tennis will become one of the great shows of this century.  We design and build different types of padel courts throughout the world in accordance with the highest quality standards of the international industry.

  • 1. What kind of materials are used for the structure of a track?
    PCDLX's proposal is to offer a product that complies with the regulations, but above all that is safe. Consequently, high-quality and certified materials are used for the construction of Spanish paddle tennis courts, since (as is also mentioned in the regulations) it is not possible to use low-quality steel to make a load-bearing structure.
  • 2. What are the dimensions?
    The dimensions of a standard track are 20 by 10 meters. With the tax it becomes 21.30 times 11.30. We also have a single track: the measurements are 20 meters by 6 - with tax it becomes 21.30 by 7.30.
  • 3. On what land can a track be built?
    They can be installed on land or inside a warehouse. However, the most suitable is the commercial or sports ground where the slab or screed will always be installed. It must be said that each municipality is different, so you always have to check the feasibility and the conditioning factors, whether they are structural, architectural or urban.
  • 4. How much does a paddle tennis court cost?
    The price of a paddle tennis court usually varies depending on the characteristics of the project, on average it is usually €15,000, the components of the certified profiles, the hot-dip galvanizing, all the glazing and the powder coating raise the costs. Obviously, you have to be careful, because being a structure on the ground, it must resist at least twenty years.
  • 5. How quickly are costs amortized?
    The costs of a paddle tennis court are clearly amortized depending on where it is located, how the structure is made up, whether there is more than one court, whether they are open-air (covered or open-air), the popularity of the club, the area of influence of the town where they settle... These are some of the variables. We can give these clarifications specifically in the venue through the business plans that we have throughout the country.
  • 6. What are the first steps from a bureaucratic point of view to build or install a paddle tennis court?
    Once the location has been chosen (either a shed or a piece of land), it is essential to contact the technical office of the municipality and request the necessary authorizations to assess its feasibility. It is also important to appoint a specialized technician to assess the feasibility of the project.
  • 7. Who should present the launch project to the municipality?
    The project must be presented by a qualified technician (whether a surveyor, architect or engineer) designated by the client. We insist that it is very important to designate a qualified technician to be in charge of the entire project from start to finish.
  • 8. Is there the possibility of renting a paddle tennis court?
    Yes, PCDLX also offers the possibility of an operational rental with amortization, which will then be adjusted to 24 or 36 months depending on the needs of the client and the number of tracks they wish to acquire.
  • 9. What guarantees does Spanish padel offer?
    In addition to the CE marking on the structures, we have a minimum durability of ten years and legal guarantees on all the components of the track. Being a metallic structure, for us at PCDLX this aspect is fundamental.
  • 10. What type of authorizations must be requested from the town hall for the construction of a paddle tennis court?
    Let's start by saying that the paddle tennis court is a metal structure on the ground and, therefore, it is a construction for all purposes. Being a construction, the paddle tennis court falls under the scope of the NTC 2018 to install a paddle tennis court, so it is necessary to carry out the design of the foundation and subsequently the dimensioning of the reinforced concrete and the verification of the structural steel elements. If this precise procedure is not followed, the installation of the paddle tennis court represents an abuse of the construction with all the risks and responsibilities that this entails for both the manufacturer and the sports center operator.
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