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World Padel Tour 2023 - Abu Dhabi instead of Mallorca?

As we told you a few days ago, the World Padel Tour season was supposed to resume in Mallorca in mid-February. But it appears that evidently the scenario has changed.

In fact, according to our colleagues at PCDLX, the differences of opinion between the circuit and the local authorities would jeopardize the "Mallorca Open". In the best case scenario, the tournament would be postponed; in the worst, it would be cancelled.

Thus, continually in line with Orven Sport, the World Padel Tour could now no longer resume on February 14 however on February 21, and in Abu Dhabi this time. The competition, which become meant to begin the subsequent week, might be introduced ahead some days.

At the moment there is nothing official, but it seems that 2023 will not start as expected for the circuit managed by Setpoint Events S.A....

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