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Spanish National Football Team plays with us in Las Rozas

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

The World Cup has arrived. On Monday, the Spanish national football team began its training camp at the Ciudad del Fútbol in Las Rozas to start preparing for the World Cup. And among the hugs and meetings of the players and members of the coaching staff, one of the big surprises, without a doubt, was the installation of two padel courts in the sports complex of the Royal Spanish Football Federation by our Padel Courts Deluxe team.

At PCDLX we have been committed to the expansion of this sport for years, promoting and introducing padel in different countries. Recently we have taken a step further.

So, at the request of the national coach, PCDLX, in collaboration with the Orven Sport brand, we built two panoramic padel courts in the colours of La Roja in the Las Rozas complex. This means that the players called up to the Spanish national football team will be able to play paddle tennis. A sport that Luis Enrique enjoys - by far - as much as the footballers.

Many of the players called up for the World Cup are passionate about other disciplines besides football. Padel is one of the most popular sports in the world and, as we have seen, some members of the national team also play it.

The Spanish national team is happy with the padel courts of PCDLX

It was the coach of the national team, Luis Enrique, who requested the installation of these paddle courts. The Asturian, in his eagerness to entertain his players after training, saw first-hand that his players enjoyed playing paddle tennis instead of other more recurrent activities, such as video games.

We were commissioned to install two panoramic padel courts with data from the national team, said and done.

The installation of these courts will not be temporary, but will be available to all staff, now and in the future.

Orven brand launches the official La Roja rackets

The news is not only the installation of two padel courts in Las Rozas, but the padel brand Orven Sport has launched the rackets of the Spanish National Football Team, in collaboration with the Spanish Federation.

Specifically, these are 2 paddle rackets with the colours of the national team, so that the players can enjoy their free time when they are at the Ciudad del Fútbol in Las Rozas.

An alliance that will make paddle tennis known worldwide with the installation of 2 courts in the heart of Las Rozas supporting the Spanish National Football Team.

Padel, a sport in full expansion, is being welcomed in the United States thanks to the great institutions of paddle sports. The best way to promote a new sport is by inviting people to try it, training coaches, creating courts and selling the necessary equipment. This is precisely the task that we are successfully carrying out at PCDLX.

On this occasion, as well as continuing to promote the sport, we have installed 2 paddle courts for the Spanish National Football Team.

Due to the union and support with Orven, the unprecedented deployment on Spanish and international soil we give greater visibility to the paddle getting more and more tennis fans want to try this new sport.

The expansion of paddle sports has just begun, soon we will have more courts, more clubs and many more players throughout Europe.

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