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Padel court dimensions : Measures, lighting...

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

International Padel Federation (hereinafter, FIP) is the governing body of the game of padel and among its functions and responsibilities is to establish the rules of the game and the standards of the dimensions of the padel courts.

According to the FIP, a padel court is rectangular in shape and must be 10 metres wide and 20 metres long, with a tolerance of 0.5%.

In general, the dimensions of a padel court are about 23m x 13m.

Padel court dimensions

According to the regulations of the European Federation, the regulatory measures of a padel court are 10×20 metres. But this is just the tip of the iceberg of the measurements of a padel court: fences, walls, metal structures, height of the roof. Everything in padel is regulated to guarantee the best playing experience and the safety of the athletes.

As we all know, the padel court is a rectangle 20 metres long and 10 metres wide, divided in half by the net. In fact, the two halves of the court must be absolutely symmetrical. On both sides of the court, at a distance of 6.95 metres from the central net respectively, are the service lines.

The net, in turn, has a length of 10 metres and a height of 0.88 metres. It is very important that the grid is fully extended, i.e. that there is no space between the supporting pole and the grid itself. This opposite, for example, represents the net of a non-regulation padel court, which would not be accepted in competitions. The complex rules also define the structure of the net, the size of the support wires and the white band at the top. However, we will not go into detail in this article in order to give more importance to the dimensions of the cover and the court materials.

Padel court dimensions

Dimensions of an indoor padel court

In the case of indoor courts, the measurements of a padel court established in the regulations also apply to the enclosure. It must have a minimum height of 6 metres over the entire length of the court, with no encroaching elements (spotlights, beams or ventilation ducts). However, for new constructions, a height of at least 8 metres is recommended.

The bottom of the padel court should be at least 4 metres high and be enclosed up to the first 3 metres. However, the last metre can be left open or with wire mesh.

The sides of the roof of a padel court must also comply with strict regulations on the alternation of metal and masonry/glass parts. Broadly speaking, we will find 12 metres of metal structure and 8 metres of walls on each side of the court.

Lighting padel court

It's amazing how perfectly regulated everything is in the game of padel, isn't it? Not only the dimensions of a padel court, the covers, the walls, but also the lighting are regulated. After all, when it comes to competitive games, everything must be well defined.

Thus, the regulations tell us that the minimum height of the lighting poles must be 6 metres from the ground. As for roofs, for new constructions the limit is raised to 8 metres. In the regulations you can also find the minimum lumens allowed in competitions for the lighting of the pitch.

A whole world: Relying on experts

In short, we have come to understand how complex the world of padel is. That's why you need an expert hand in the construction of padel courts.

Roof materials

There are various materials for paddle court covers, as can be seen in our extensive catalogue. Specifically, the covers can be divided into:

  • Aluminium padel court covers

  • Iron padel court covers;

  • Oval covers.

Aluminium paddle covers are the lightest and most durable. They can be disassembled and with the plug-in mode can be easily moved. In general, they are also the most expensive: aluminium is a valuable material. But they are also a long-lasting investment, perfect for all those places with humid or saline climates that can damage iron roofs, even if they are perfectly treated. In the PCDLX catalogue you will be surprised to discover that they are actually cheaper than iron structures. Why? Because our aluminium paddle tennis enclosures, which we call "temporary", are modular structures designed to offer maximum convenience of assembly and disassembly with an extremely fast installation compared to iron structures. We hope we have helped you to know the dimensions and measurements of a paddle tennis court.

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