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New Premier Padel 2024 Calendar

The world of padel is preparing for an exciting season with the new Premier Padel calendar for 2024, which promises to be a milestone in the history of this exciting sport. From February 26 to December 22, 2024 will be the dates that will set the pace of a circuit that will span the five continents, bringing excitement and competition to new frontiers, thanks to the impetus of Qatar Sports Investments and the International Padel Federation.

Premier Padel 2024
Premier Padel 2024

Premier Padel Calendar is loaded with Excitement and Competition

Premier Padel's 2024 calendar is designed to offer fans a first-class spectacle throughout the year. With 25 events in total, the circuit is divided into different categories, each with its own importance and points at stake.

The four Major tournaments stand out as the most prestigious events, awarding 2,000 points to the winning pair and attracting the best players in the world. This is followed by the Tour Finals, where the top eight ranked pairs will face off in an epic battle for the title and 1,500 points.

Calendario Premier Padel 2024
Calendario Premier Padel 2024

The P1 and P2 events offer a crucial opportunity to accumulate points and climb the rankings. With 11 P1 and 9 P2 events, the season is action-packed from its start in Riyadh to its climactic finale in Barcelona.

An Exciting Journey through Different Continents

The journey through the world of padel in 2024 promises to be exciting and varied. From Riyadh, where the season kicks off with a P1 tournament, to Barcelona, where it will culminate with the prestigious Tour Finals, the players will travel through different continents and cultures, bringing with them the passion and intensity of the sport.

The Ibero-American tour, with stops in Paraguay, Argentina and Chile, will be a highlight of the calendar, offering fans in the region the opportunity to witness the excellence of world padel up close.

Premier Padel's new calendar for 2024 promises a season full of excitement, competition and new experiences. With the expansion into new territories and the consolidation of emblematic events, the circuit is ready to write a new chapter in the history of professional padel.

From the dazzling landscapes of the Middle East to the vibrant European and American stages, the world of padel is preparing for an unforgettable journey that will leave its mark on every corner of the planet. Premier Padel stands as the new standard of excellence, taking the sport to new heights and establishing itself as the dominant professional padel circuit - let the season begin and let the action begin on padel courts around the world!

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