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How To Build a Padel Tennis Court

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Building a padel tennis court is not something to be taken lightly.

If you are in the planning phase of a padel court project, chances are you are looking for information about building a padel court. You can speak to an expert from our team by clicking here.

By choosing the right padel tennis court builder, you will benefit from their professionalism in installing padel courts to your standards and their experience.

However, it is worth reminding you of these rules, as well as some tips that will undoubtedly save you time and money.

construir una pista de pádel

What are the dimensions to build a padel tennis court?

A padel tennis court is 10 metres wide and 20 metres long. It is a rectangle divided in the middle by a net.

The service lines, parallel to the net, are 6.95 m from the net. The centre line separating the service squares is located in the middle, 5 metres from each side of the court. All lines on a court are 5 cm wide.

If you want to build an indoor padel , you should pay attention to the height of the roof. The minimum height is 6 metres.

However, many players may refuse to come and play at your padel club if the ceiling is too low, simply because "the lob" is a very common stroke in padel and when the ball touches the ceiling, the ball is a foul! Obviously, this will be very frustrating for your customers.

We recommend a minimum height of 7 metres. If you have the possibility to raise the ceiling a bit higher, the higher the ceiling, the better for your players!

You can also build an individual paddle court for one-on-one play. This can be fun for some players when you open your club for the first time, but after playing on it 2 or 3 times, players will quickly get bored and you will find your padel tennis court often empty.

We advise you to go for the classic padel tennis courts (doubles) and to build a single padel court if you have some space left... Its dimensions are 6 metres wide and 20 metres long.

construccion de una pista de pádel

The net

The net of a padel court is 10 metres wide. At the posts, the net should be 0.92 m high and in the centre of the court it should be 0.88 m high. The posts play an important role in the game and should not exceed 1.05 m in height. They should have a rather rounded shape because, very often in the game, players "hit the post" to play a ball out of the court. When it comes to the construction of a padel court, we advise you to install a padel court where the net is separated from the structure, as shown in the picture below. If the net posts are directly connected to the court structure, many good players who intend to go out of the court during some points will feel embarrassed and will not like it... The top band of the net, which is white, should be between 5 and 6.3 centimetres wide. Although the colour should be uniform, you can place advertising on it to quickly make your padel court profitable through your partners...

The back court

The back court is 10 metres long and 4 metres high.

In terms of height, the large glass back court is 3 metres high and the grille on the glass is 1 metre high. The grid is as much a part of the game as the glass, except that the bounce will disturb the players (which is done on purpose).

When the ball hits the ground and goes over the back grille, we call it a "par 4".

Nowadays, building a padel tennis court with concrete walls like in the old days is no longer an option. Your padel court builder will not offer it to you.

Above the 4-metre back wall, we advise you to install a net. This net is not part of the game, but it will prevent your players from having to fetch their balls.

In padel, the balls often come out of the structure, so if you don't install a net, you run the risk of having a court that is not appreciated by your customers.

The side walls

The side wall is 20 m long and between 3 and 4 m high.

It must consist of a fence and a transparent (glass) wall. The regulations allow for 2 types of sidewalls, but we will only advise you on the type of sidewall that 90% of the players like.

As you can see in this diagram, the glass (in brown) is 3 metres and then 2 metres. Everything else is a grid that will offer difficulties to players.

Why is the rack lower on the side than at the back of the court?

Simply so that players can smash balls out of the court...

Depending on the angle of the smash, the power and the spin, after the ball has bounced off the ground and hit the glass, it can go off the court. We call this "making a par 3".

Opponents can come off the court to deliver the ball if they are fast enough.


We hope we have provided you with some additional knowledge about the construction of a padel tennis court.

If you are in the project phase, you are most likely looking for information about building a padel court, we recommend you contact us and we will help you through the whole process.

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