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Collaboration Padel Courts Deluxe & Padel Nuestro

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Padel Courts Deluxe and Padel Nuestro, two giants of the padel industry, have entered into a partnership agreement that promises to revolutionise the world of this exciting sport. Padel players, clubs and enthusiasts around the world will receive significant benefits from this historic milestone. This unprecedented partnership is the result of both brands' commitment to delivering the best quality and excellence in padel. Then we'll talk about how this transformative partnership will transform the world of padel.

Broadening horizons:

The agreement between PCDLX and Padel Our will offer padel players a wide range of opportunities. In the Padel Courts Deluxe shops, Padel Our, one of the world's leading padel specialist shops, will offer a wide range of high quality products and accessories. From high quality padel rackets to clothing, footwear and accessories, players will find everything they need to equip themselves with the best brands and cutting-edge products.

Innovation and technology:

The agreement between the two companies will also focus on innovation and technology in the world of padel. Padel Nuestro and Padel Courts Deluxe are committed to implementing the latest technologies in their facilities. In order to provide players with an exceptional experience, improvements will be made to the playing surfaces, lighting systems and court infrastructure.

Joint events and promotions:

The partnership between Padel Courts Deluxe and Padel Nuestro will not be limited to the sale of goods and services. To promote padel and increase its popularity, both brands are committed to collaborating on special events and promotions. These events may include exhibitions, tournaments and clinics given by renowned professional players. Padel Courts Deluxe customers can also benefit from exclusive promotions in our online shop, which offers a wide range of products at special prices.

Development of the padel community:

The aim of the collaboration between Padel Courts Deluxe and Padel Nuestro will also be to enhance the padel community both at home and abroad. Both brands will work closely with padel clubs and associations to promote the sport and offer training, events and development programmes. In addition, actions will be taken to promote youth participation and the inclusion of people of all skill levels in the world of padel.


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