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Benefits of paddle tennis

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Do you want to know what are the benefits of padel? Are you one of those who still think that padel is a sport for the elite, or have you overcome your prejudices and already enjoy one of the most fun sports? What is undeniable is that today, padel has gone from being an elitist to a fashionable sport, as much or even more than running, which we have written about several times in PCDLX.

Here we will talk about the main advantages and benefits of paddle tennis:

Advantages and benefits of paddle tennis

Eliminate stress

After a working day full of tension, pressure from bosses, anxiety to achieve professional goals, worries of all kinds and anxiety to the maximum, paddle tennis helps you forget everything, focus on the game, relax and reach the perfect state to be able to sleep without worries.

Why is that?

Because when we exercise or play paddle tennis, the body releases endorphins, which give us a general feeling of well-being. It improves our mood, the quality of our sleep, our memory?

It is also important to bear in mind that, by exercising, you reduce your exposure to computers and mobile phones, which is a benefit that paddle tennis brings you. This means that you disconnect from work or study.

If we add to this the fact that it is very common for this sport to be practised with work colleagues, or even bosses, we have the perfect atmosphere for a certain revenge. Because... is there anything more fun than beating your boss in a game of paddle tennis?

ventajas y beneficios del padel

It's fun.

You're probably thinking: like all sports, if you know how to do it. No, because with padel, even if you don't know how, you can have fun practically from the first ball. Of course, perfecting your technique and becoming a crack is more complicated, but if you have a paddle, you can have fun even if you have never played in your life or only play on Thursdays of the year.

Improve your coordination of movements, elasticity and reflexes.

Because it's not just about having fun, it's about benefiting from a range of everyday activities - or do you want to go round the disco in front of the ladies and gentlemen? Optimal coordination of movements has been proven to help with flirting through dancing and other types of movements that are not specific to this blog. The same goes for reflexes, which can save your life at any time. And is it necessary to explain the difference between feeling stiff and feeling totally elastic when it comes to enjoying everyday life?

You may have heard that exercise or sport has numerous health benefits, both physical and mental.

Warming up and stretching.

In padel, as in any other sport, we should start with a few minutes of warm-up, experts recommend about 8 minutes, for both joints and muscles.

This will allow us to get the most out of our body and, above all, avoid injuries not only during the game, but also to be much more agile in everyday life.

beneficios del pádel

Perfect for fitness.

If you play padel three or four times a week or if you follow a training routine that includes a good diet, you will strengthen and tone your body while losing body fat, this is one of the main benefits of padel.

Improve social relations.

In the case of paddle tennis, playing in pairs strengthens interpersonal relationships with others, increasing self-esteem and personal development.

Padel is for all ages.

It doesn't matter how old you are or if it's your first time playing. Padel is a sport that is very easy to learn and play, which allows you to improve your physical condition and have fun while exercising.

Sharpen your mind

If you don't get fully involved in the game, not only will you lose, but you won't have fun. This concentration exercise also helps you stay focused on other aspects of life by keeping your mind active and, in fact, keeping your mind active is one of the best vaccines against ageing.

A good excuse to have a beer with friends

When we say a beer, just one beer, we mean a non-alcoholic drink or a non-alcoholic beer. One of the greatest pleasures of playing sport with friends is being able to have a drink at the end and discuss the match. Our busy schedules don't allow us to see each other and rowing and sport is the best excuse to enjoy this relaxing time afterwards.

These are the main advantages and benefits of paddle tennis and we explain them to you. Now it's your turn to get up from the sofa and start playing paddle tennis, otherwise you will miss out on an activity that is as fun as it is healthy.

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