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10mm or 12mm tempered glass

There are numerous considerations nowadays when establishing a paddle tennis court, including the type of grass and its color, the quantity of lights, and whether or not the court should have doors. But out of all of these, many people are unsure which option to pick when it comes to glass thickness. People frequently prefer a thicker glass because it is believed to be particularly brittle.

Tempered Glass


No of its thickness, glass is put through a tempering process so that, in the event of a strong impact

The legal paradigm

After this is made clear, we must consider the court model that will be used to determine how the glass will function.

In typical courts, like the Olimpia, the pillars hold the glass in place, strengthening the construction. It is typical to install 10mm glass in these courts.

Since there is no pillar between the glass in models like the Panorámica, 12 mm glass is always utilized for increased robustness.

External variables

There are instances where tracks are erected in windy terrain. such as above a mountain, close to the sea, or on top of a hill. We advise 12mm glass in these circumstances due to its higher weather resilience.

Impact fracture

You can be sure that collisions from the game won't usually cause the glass to break. Large impacts from the sport itself won't break these glasses because of their construction.

When we have budgeted for a glass replacement because it broke, vandalism or the glass's poor condition have typically been to blame.


It doesn't matter how thick the glass is when it comes to the game, neither aesthetically nor visually. Simply put, the court's model and installation location must be taken into account while making a decision.


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